Just a reminder that there is such a thing as anarchism, which is to say, opposition to all forms of oppressive power—there is such a thing as capitalism, which is to say, a system in which a few people accumulate oppressive power over everyone else through a process of market competition—but there is no such thing as "anarcho"-capitalism, whatever the Wall Street Journal or some wingnut capitalist who has just become head of state in Argentina might have you believe.

The newly elected president of Argentina, Javier Milei, has described himself as an "anarcho-capitalist." He praises Trump, opposes abortion, and plans to accelerate neoliberal austerity to nightmare proportions.

Anarchists have always opposed capitalism and all politicians. As the Ex-Worker Podcast argued in episode 18, so-called "anarcho"-capitalists take advantage of popular resentment of state power to justify inequalities of wealth. No "liberty" is possible while the rich call all the shots and the vast majority of people struggle to survive.

A powerful Argentinian anarchist tradition has organized against capitalism and state power for well over a century. We echo their call from the streets in the 2001 uprising:

Que se vayan todos!

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